Security Awareness / HEAT Training

In today's society, the growing threat of terrorism, both on a national and individual level, has raised concerns about security and well-being. As a result, individuals and companies find themselves increasingly in need of privacy and protection. While the government cannot always guarantee this level of security, it is crucial for you to be aware of the risks and take measures to minimize them. This is where our training/workshop on 'Security Awareness' can provide valuable support.

The Training

The aim of the training is awareness of the position that the company, employees and/or the management of that company occupy within today's society in relation to the possible risk this position entails (security awareness). In addition, to recognise possible threats directed against the company and to be able to take appropriate measures accordingly.

Key training objectives:

  • Optimise security awareness
  • Optimising integrity awareness
  • Increase your and others' security
  • Limiting business risks
  • Recognise deviant behaviour and situations
  • How to act in risky moments and situations
  • Know how to handle confidential data and discretion
  • Raising the alarm; knowing when and which emergency services to call in

The training covers several topics interactively. These include crime awareness, crime prevention, information security and observation.

The training will always be tailor-made and tailored to your company's day-to-day business and specific work situation and/or position within the company. Various (threat) scenarios aimed at your company will be dealt with during the training.

Examples of industries we serve

BSC regularly provides training to a diverse range of industries, including executive drivers, truck drivers, the jewelry industry, and logistic service providers within the transport and logistics sector. We offer specialized Security/Threat Awareness training for the latter sector, meeting the requirements outlined in the TAPA FSR and TSR 2017 standards, which can contribute to your potential TAPA certification.

Specialized Training for High-Risk Environments

In addition to our comprehensive Security Awareness training, BSC specializes in providing training for diplomats, NGOs, and business travellers operating in high-risk areas. Our Hostile Environment Awareness Training [HEAT] equips individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate challenging environments safely.

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