Predictive Profiling Training

Do you often find it challenging to identify potential dangers in busy environments like railway stations, major events, or even in your everyday surroundings? Are you more inclined to react after an incident has occurred? Recognizing criminal, violent, or terrorist behaviour in individuals or groups can be a daunting task, often unfamiliar to many. However, it is crucial to take proactive and preventive action rather than waiting for an offense or incident to unfold. This is where our POINT (Proactive Observation and Intervention) training, based on Predictive Profiling, equips you with the necessary tools to act more effectively and pre-emptively.

Target group

This Predictive Profiling training is designed for various individuals, including BOAs, security staff, entrepreneurs, and anyone working in public spaces, as well as “ordinary” residents. It caters to those who want to develop proactive and preventive thinking, enabling them to identify early signs of deviant behaviour, suspicious circumstances, or indicators, and respond effectively.

Training Duration

Our Predictive Profiling training can be tailored to your needs, offering both half-day and multi-day courses. Upon completion, participants will receive a certificate of participation.

Topics Covered

During this hands-on training, a balance between theory and practical exercises is maintained, covering the following topics:

• Observing and assessing behaviour in public spaces
• Recognizing gut feelings and instincts indicating something is amiss
• Effective interview techniques for engaging with individuals
• Analysing reactions to gain insights into intentions
• Differentiating between responses from well-intentioned and malicious individuals
• Making malicious individuals aware that they are being observed
• Balancing customer-centric service with safety considerations
• Objectives

By the end of this training, you will be equipped with the POINT (Proactive Observation and Intervention) Roadmap, enabling you to effectively identify suspicious indicators and abnormal behaviour in people and situations. You will also gain proficiency in essential conversation and interview techniques, empowering you to assess threats earlier and take appropriate action.

This course is conducted in collaboration with Bolink Security & Training.

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