Personal Security/Executive Protection Training

Due to position, financial position and/or social status, a certain group of people experience an increasing need for protection of privacy and well-being. The government cannot always guarantee this protection, which is why there is an increasing demand for qualified private security officers. In consultation with the Ministry of Justice and ECABO, the SVPB has determined the requirements to be met by the training course for qualified personal security officers.

Based on extensive practical experience in the preparation and execution of Personal Security (Close Protection) in the Netherlands and abroad, BSC has provided the training course for qualified Personal Security Officers since 2001, which meets all SVPB requirements and provides training for the only nationally recognised diploma for Personal Security Officers by the Ministry of Justice.

BSC has developed a training course that meets the needs of the VIP security industry and leads to the "Personal Security Officer Certificate" of the SVPB, which is recognised by the Ministry of Justice. This training offers people pursuing a career in personal security thorough preparation for the SVPB Personal Security Officer examination.

Training Details and Modules

Training duration: 12 half-days (6 days). The training and exam consist of 3 modules:
a. Basic and legal knowledge of personal security
b. Personal security techniques
c. Personal security assignment.

The training provided by BSC is based on the new competency-based learning method (practice-based education) and trains students in the practical application of the material offered, without losing sight of the examination requirements. The various procedures and scenarios are trained by experienced instructors who also have practical experience in high-risk areas.

Expand Your Opportunities with BSC's Personal Security Training

After successful completion of this course, you will have sufficient knowledge and skills and be able to secure the Security Person (TBP) at both low profile and high-profile levels. You can therefore be deployed worldwide, 'Qua Patet Orbis', as a Preventive Observer or Close Protection Officer. We can also offer you driver training for the CCV-D1 executive driver certificate.

Prior education requirements

If you want to take the SVPB Personal Security Officer exam, you must have the Security Officer diploma or an equivalent diploma and a valid B driving licence.

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