Private Investigator Training

Increasingly, companies are having misconduct within their companies investigated by private investigators before they take the decision to go public with it. Reasons include negative publicity and insufficient attention or no priority by government agencies. More and more private organisations are therefore hiring private investigators to gather and analyse information, which provides (additional) evidence that is legally useful to the client.

Becoming a Certified Private Investigator

To work as a private investigator (private detective), one must be in possession of a yellow identity card issued by the Police, Korpscheftaken department. A condition for being in possession of such a proof of identity is that, in accordance with the Private Security Organisations and Detective Agencies Act (WPBR), one must have the legally recognised Private Investigator diploma from the Stichting Vakexamens voor de Particuliere Beveiligingsorganisaties (SVPB).

BSC: Your Trusted Partner in Private Investigator Training

BSC has years of experience in training Private Investigators. The BSC training offers people who aspire to a career as a private investigator a thorough preparation for the SVPB exam Private Investigator.

Training Details and Modules

Duration of training: 12 half-days (6 days). The training and exam consist of 3 modules:
a. Basic knowledge of private investigation
b. Legal frameworks for private investigations
c. Investigation and reporting

The lecturers have more than 25 years of practical experience as private investigators and extensive experience as lecturers.
They come from various government agencies as well as private investigation agencies.

No Prior Education Requirements

Prior education requirements do not apply. Regardless of your previous education, you can enrol in this course.

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