Military Training

The current shortage of defence personnel has raised concerns about the ability to provide adequate training amidst the demands of military missions abroad. At BSC, we recognize this challenge and have been working diligently since our establishment in 1993 to address it. We collaborate with instructors who have extensive experience from special forces units of Defence and Police. Our commitment extends to assignments for NGOs and the Dutch government in high-risk countries, where we have served as personal security officers protecting embassy staff and as security consultants.

Decades of Operational Experience

Throughout the years, BSC and our instructors have accumulated invaluable operational experience in high-risk areas, delivering a wide range of military training courses both domestically and internationally. To ensure the highest quality of military training, we have a seasoned advisor—a former general of the Marine Corps—working closely with us.

Comprehensive Training Capabilities

At BSC, we offer support for training and education at various locations, providing expertise in the following fields:

• Firearms Instruction: We cover a range of weapon systems, offering both basic and advanced marksmanship training.
• Medical Training: Our comprehensive training includes Combat Life Saver (CLS) courses to equip personnel with essential medical skills.
• Maritime Security: We specialize in vessel protection detachments, delivering training to ensure maritime security in challenging environments.
• IED Awareness: Our courses focus on improving awareness of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and enhancing countermeasures.
• HEAT (Hostile Environment Awareness Training): Designed for individuals operating in high-risk areas, our HEAT program prepares personnel to navigate hostile environments safely.
• Personal Security: We provide training to enhance personal security skills, ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals in challenging contexts.
• Customized Education and Training

Understanding that every client's requirements are unique, BSC offers tailored education and training courses to meet specific needs. We can create custom programs based on your organization's objectives and operational context.

Contact Us for More Information

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