Special investigating officer (BOA) Training

The developments in society, which have seen an more important role for law enforcers/BOAs, are at the beginning and will only increase in the future. This will grow the demand from Municipalities and other authorities for qualified Special Investigating Officers.

What distinguishes BOAs from supervisors is that they have powers to act verbally. The powers of a BOA are determined in advance by law. A BOA can be deployed as a supervisor in public spaces, parking inspector and APV inspector.

Target audience and training overview

The target group for this BOA training course are security officers who already work in this sector, or who aspire to such a job in the future. Anyone who wants to work as a BOA, either independently or as an employee. Of course, anyone interested in the course material can take this course.

The BOA training consists of a theoretical part and a practical part. After passing both parts, the candidate receives the BOA diploma, with which he can be appointed as a special investigating officer by a licensed authority.

During the course, you will be prepared for the theory exam (50 multiple-choice questions) and the practical exam (writing two mini official reports).

Course Duration and Learning Format

The entire training program spans 15 half-day sessions. To accommodate various schedules, distance learning is facilitated through Microsoft Teams. Contact moments for interactive sessions will be scheduled in consultation with the candidates.

Contact Us for Further Information

For detailed information or any inquiries regarding our Special Investigating Officer Training, please feel free to reach out to us during office hours at 071-5601640 or via email at info@bscbv.com.