Transport Security - Protecting Your Valuable Goods

Protection for Valuable Cargo

With over two decades of experience, Business Security Company (BSC) is a trusted provider of transport security solutions. We understand the importance of securing valuable property during transportation, meeting the demands of owners and insurance companies alike. BSC specializes in end-to-end supply chain security, ensuring the safety of your goods throughout the entire process. As a regular client, you benefit from our intelligence-driven approach to transport security.

Secure Transportation Nationwide and Internationally

BSC offers escort and security services for high-value transports, both domestically and internationally. Our expertise spans various industries, including pharmaceuticals, high-tech, art, documents, and precious gemstones. We provide cargo security, safeguarding your assets from the point of origin to the final destination.

The BSC Transport Security Concept

At BSC, we have developed a unique program called the "BSC Transport Security Concept." This program incorporates a range of security measures, including the implementation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and established protocols. We also employ GPS tracking systems to monitor and trace your shipments. When required, we enhance physical security through the deployment of our trained security escorts.

TAPA Compliance and Accredited Training

Our Security Consultancy department has extensive experience in conducting Facility Security Audits in line with TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association) requirements, specifically tailored to the logistics sector. Our employees are trained according to TAPA FSR (Freight Security Requirements) and TAPA TSR (Trucking Security Requirements) standards.

As an accredited training company, BSC offers specialized training programs such as Transport Security Officer, Security Awareness, and Predictive Profiling. We have maintained the recognized Register Transport Security Officer (RTSO) since January 2018, ensuring our transport security officers are highly skilled and qualified.

Integrated Solutions for Effective Security

BSC takes an integrated approach to deliver cost-effective and highly effective security solutions. Our extensive network of security professionals ensures that your people, facilities, and products are safeguarded with the utmost care.

For more information on our Transport Security services, please visit our website or contact us during office hours at 071-5601640 or via email at We look forward to assisting you with your transport security needs.