GPS Tracking & Tracing

At Business Security Company (BSC), we use state-of-the-art navigation and communication equipment, along with cutting-edge GPS tracking and tracing systems, to provide security solutions for individuals, products, vehicles, and high-value cargo transports.

Advanced Tracking Systems for Enhanced Security

BSC offers a range of advanced GPS tracking and tracing systems designed to meet diverse security needs. Our mobile tracking systems can be customized according to client preferences, using our extensive software. They can be conveniently monitored from our BSC office in Voorschoten or through a private emergency response centre (PAC), providing real-time tracking capabilities.

Protecting Individuals with Advanced Features

For personal security, our advanced systems can be deployed with additional features such as panic buttons and built-in microphones.

These systems offer various levels of access rights, ensuring optimal protection for individuals. The data is securely transmitted from the hardware to our BSC server, fully compliant with data protection regulations (AVG).

Customized Solutions and Total Package Services

BSC provides a wide range of custom-tailored solutions to meet specific tracking and tracing needs. Whether you require tracking services performed by our team or prefer to manage the system independently, we offer a flexible approach to suit your requirements. Our systems are also available for rental or purchase by other organizations, making them versatile and accessible.

Wide Range of Applications

Our GPS tracking and tracing systems find applications across various sectors, including:

• Private investigation agencies
• Police forces
• Personal security for high-profile individuals
• Transporters and logistics companies
• Transport security and secure cargo transports
• Security transports for valuable assets (e.g., jewellery)
• Car dealerships
• And more.

Experience the Power of GPS Tracking & Tracing with BSC

If you are looking for reliable and advanced GPS tracking and tracing solutions, BSC is your trusted partner. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and discover how our customized solutions can enhance your security measures.

Note: At BSC, we prioritize the confidentiality and integrity of the data collected through our GPS tracking and tracing systems, ensuring compliance with all applicable data protection regulations.