Security Audits

The purpose of a security audit is to identify risks that could disrupt an organisation's core processes, thereby jeopardising its business continuity. After identifying these risks, the threats that could lead to the risk are examined and the potential consequences of escalating the identified risks are analysed. The preventive and repressive security measures in place are considered after which an evaluation and possible recommendations are made to reduce your organisation's risks to as low a level as reasonably possible.


During a security audit of a home, the existing situation is considered, and advice is provided as a result. We then make well-considered decisions regarding the security measures to be taken for the home in question.
During a security audit, we carry out targeted research and/or look at the coherence of any existing (current) security measures. In this case, the method is a so-called Quick Security Scan and possibly assessment of the security-related offers received.
BSC can assist you by providing advice on the intrusion detection system, the CCTV system and alarm follow-up. However, BSC is not an installer and is not affiliated to any supplier.
For security systems that have already been installed, BSC can relieve you of your worries by acting as a contact for security organisations such as installers, control rooms and so on.


If required, Business Security Company (BSC) can map your supply chain risks. After a security audit (with "0" measurement and review of existing security measures), BSC will perform a risk analysis (risk assessment) to identify and evaluate the potential risks. Based on the risk analysis, BSC provides an advisory report with recommendations for securing your warehouse facility or value transport, for example, considering your specific requirements. If required, BSC can take care of the development and implementation of various essential organisational, structural, electronic, and reactive (O-B-E-R) security measures.

Secure warehousing or in-transit storage

BSC security consultants specialise in advising on security measures related to the storage and transport of so-called High Value Theft Targeted cargo (HVTT). BSC can support the Logistic Service Provider (LSP) in the security audit for obtaining one of the TAPA Transported Asset Protection Association) certifications: 'TAPA Facility Security Requirements FSR', 'TAPA Truck Security Requirements TSR' or 'TAPA Parking Security Requirements PSR'. Prior to the certification process, BSC can perform a pre-audit for you. This GAP analysis provides the client with insight into the measures that still need to be adapted to meet the TAPA FSR or TAPA TSR requirements.

Partner with BSC for Comprehensive Security Audits

At BSC, we are committed to safeguarding your organization's resilience through thorough security audits. Our experienced consultants provide expert guidance, delivering comprehensive reports and actionable recommendations to mitigate risks and enhance security measures. By partnering with us, you can benefit from our expertise, industry knowledge, and dedication to excellence in security audit services.

Contact us today to learn more about our security audit offerings and how we can help strengthen your organization's security posture. Together, we can ensure the safety and continuity of your operations.