Security Consultancy

Security risk management & company investigation, personal security & transport security and red teaming

From preparing a risk analysis, establishing security policies to implementing security measures and procedures. The BSC security consultants can support you in the entire domain of security risk management. As an independent agency, we can advise you to manage the identified risks and/or threat scenarios. Ensuring the safety of persons and the continuity of companies, governments or organizations (INGOs) is paramount!

First, BSC will systematically gather information through open and closed sources. After analyzing this, BSC will take further steps before providing security advice. The security consultant is supported in this process by BSC's research department. Given today's (modern) threats, this form of Intelligence Driven Security is a necessity.

  • Security Risk Management

    Business Security Company (BSC) specializes in providing security risk management services to institutions and companies.
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  • Executive Protection Program

    BSC offers a comprehensive executive protection program designed to meet the personal security needs of individuals, being temporary or permanent
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  • Organizational Risk Analysis

    Organizations face a wide range of threats that carry inherent risks. Understanding these risks is essential for effective risk management and safeguarding the organization's interests.
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  • Security Audits

    The purpose of a security audit is to identify risks that could disrupt an organisation's core processes, thereby jeopardising its business continuity.
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  • Red Teaming and Penetration Testing

    Red Teaming allows us to test your security/security and related procedures (penetration testing).
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  • Cyber Security Assessment

    Nowadays, the increasing number of computers, servers, and routers within companies, as well as in private homes, poses more and more security risks.
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