Pre/In-Employment Screening

Trustworthy and Reliable Workforce

When it comes to your workforce, who you hire matters. Are you confident in the integrity and qualifications of your applicants? Has an applicant misrepresented their credentials or work experience? In today's organizations, pre- and in-employment screening has become an essential part of human resources policies.

Comprehensive Employment Screening

Employment screening is a thorough investigation that gathers information about the employment history of newly hired or existing employees. This process aims to assess their integrity, reliability, and other relevant factors crucial for building a trustworthy workforce.

Pre-Employment Screening - Ensuring the Right Fit

Pre-employment screening is a proactive measure to prevent the hiring of employees who may not ultimately meet the job requirements or exhibit the desired qualities. By conducting pre-employment screening, you can make informed decisions during the recruitment process and ensure a better fit between candidates and job profiles.

In-Employment Screening: Evaluating Internal Transitions

In-employment screening extends beyond initial hiring and is conducted for existing employees, especially when they undergo internal job changes or are considered for strategic and sensitive positions. This screening process enables organizations to assess the integrity and suitability of employees in critical roles, ensuring the continued trustworthiness of your workforce.

Comprehensive Reports for Informed Decisions

Our clients receive detailed reports that provide insights into the reliability, loyalty, and commitment (including absenteeism) of the individuals under investigation. These reports equip organizations with valuable information to make informed decisions regarding employee suitability, internal promotions, and workforce management.

Partner with BSC for Trusted Employment Screening

BSC understands the importance of building a reliable and trustworthy workforce. Our experienced investigators conduct thorough investigations and deliver comprehensive reports that support your decision-making process. With BSC, you can confidently make hiring decisions and ensure the ongoing integrity of your organization.