Covert Surveillance Services

At BSC, we understand that uncovering objective truth in fraud investigations, such as absence fraud, sometimes necessitates the discreet observation of individuals and actions. If you suspect that your employee(s) may be engaging in unlawful sick leave or other unauthorized absences, our observation method can provide the evidence needed to confront the employee with their unlawful actions.

Professional Observers with Extensive Experience

Our team consists of highly skilled investigators (observers) who possess years of experience in conducting both static and dynamic surveillance of individuals and their behaviour. Whether it's observing employees, suspects, or specific situations, our observers excel in gathering valuable information while maintaining the utmost discretion.

Supportive Technical Aids for Evidentiary Purposes

To enhance our observation capabilities, we use a range of inconspicuous technical aids that can be employed to gather evidence. These include discreet photo and video recording, the placement of covert cameras, or the utilization of a GPS Tracking & Tracing system (beacon). These tools provide additional support to our observation team and contribute to the collection of evidence.

Cases Where Observation is Applicable

Our observation services are applicable in various situations, including:

• Alleged unlawful absenteeism
• Suspected violation of non-compete agreements
• Allegations of unauthorized side-line activities
• Trial purchases and Mystery Guest Research
• Suspicions of theft or evasion in employment
• Monitoring off-site employees

If you require expert observation services to gather evidence for fraud investigations or other related matters, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are available during office hours at 071-5601640 or can be contacted via email at