Mystery Guest Research (MGO)

Gain Valuable Insights with Mystery Guest Research

Mystery Guest Research, also known as Mystery Shopping Research, involves deploying trained researchers to gather valuable information and evidence. This versatile method serves various purposes, including verifying price agreements, assessing sales restrictions, and evaluating the customer-focused approach of your employees. By utilizing Mystery Guest Research, you can identify areas for improvement and enhance the overall customer experience.

Supporting Municipal Compliance with Liquor and Catering Regulations

Dutch municipalities bear the responsibility of monitoring compliance with the Dutch Drinking and Catering Act (DHW). BSC understands the challenges faced by municipalities in allocating limited resources, particularly the already scarce capacity of the BOAs within each municipality. As a result, BSC has specialized in supporting municipalities through Mystery Guest Surveys. By partnering with BSC, municipalities can alleviate a significant portion of this task. As a renowned private research company, BSC excels in utilizing various research methods, including Mystery Guest Research.

Focus on Reducing Underage Alcohol Consumption

The primary objective of Mystery Guest Research in the context of the Liquor and Catering Act (DHW) is to reduce the serving of alcohol to individuals under the age of 18. Additionally, the aim is to raise awareness among entrepreneurs and emphasize the importance of adhering to mandatory identification protocols. These efforts contribute to the overall supervision and enforcement of compliance within your municipality. Through our meticulous evidence gathering and comprehensive reporting, BSC adds value by providing municipalities with clear insights and a robust foundation for implementing necessary measures, including potential fines.

Strengthening Enforcement Measures with Comprehensive Audits

BSC's expertise lies in delivering comprehensive audits that substantiate enforcement measures. By conducting Mystery Guest Research, we provide municipalities with a comprehensive picture of compliance levels and identify any unlawful provisions. Our reports offer a complete and clear overview, empowering municipalities to take effective actions in line with their regulatory responsibilities. Furthermore, BSC's proficiency in recording investigation results ensures the highest level of quality and accuracy for every municipality.

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In addition to Mystery Guest Research, BSC also offers Red Teaming and Penetration Testing services. These specialized assessments assess the security of your systems and infrastructure, identifying potential vulnerabilities and helping you enhance your overall security posture.

If required, BSC can provide verbal references attesting to our proven track record and successful collaborations. We take pride in our strong reputation and the trust our clients place in our services.

Discover the Power of Mystery Guest Research

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