Safeguarding Intellectual Property

At BSC, we understand the significance of protecting intellectual property and combating the unauthorized use of copyrighted material and counterfeit goods. With our extensive experience in intellectual property law, we specialize in detecting and combating the trade of counterfeit goods bearing registered and protected trademarks. Our mission is to provide robust investigative services that uncover trademark fraud and deliver admissible evidence for legal proceedings.

Collaboration for Effective Results

To achieve our objectives, we collaborate with investigation specialists from the Ministry of Defence and the Police, as well as seasoned lawyers. This unique partnership enables us to work more effectively and efficiently in gathering the necessary evidence tailored to our clients' specific needs.

Expanding Capabilities and Research Methods

While our initial specialization centred on brand name fraud, we have expanded our capabilities to include evidence collection through ICT and forensic investigations. Our diverse range of research methods includes observations and interviews. Additionally, BSC is frequently appointed as a judicial custodian, entrusted with securely storing seized items under our management. This expanded scope allows us to serve a wide range of clients beyond brand names, including the legal, accountancy, and bailiff sectors.

Advisory Services and Specialized Network

In addition to investigative services, BSC offers advisory services to clients seeking to counter intellectual property infringement. Our management is actively involved in the first Dutch research firm operating in the Benelux region within this field. Through our affiliation with national and international interest organizations, we stay up to date with the latest activities and developments related to safeguarding product rights. Our unique specialist network conducts investigations, filings, and seizures throughout Europe, ensuring comprehensive coverage and expertise.

Choose BSC as your trusted partner in safeguarding your intellectual property. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our multidisciplinary approach, allows us to provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today to benefit from our expertise in intellectual property protection and secure your valuable assets.