Investigation Services

At BSC, we specialize in taking prompt and comprehensive action to address the consequences of various forms of fraud. With our team of qualified and experienced investigators (private detectives) and specialists, we can efficiently gather the necessary information to uncover fraudulent cases with care and discretion.

Intake and Plan of Action

After conducting an intake interview, we develop a customized Plan of Action tailored to your specific needs. The investigation steps are determined in consultation with you, ensuring transparency and alignment with your objectives.

Thorough Investigation and Reporting

Our skilled investigators conduct meticulous (fraud) investigations, employing the latest techniques and tools to uncover evidence. Following the investigation, we compile a comprehensive report of findings. The BSC final report is prepared to a high standard and can be utilized in legal proceedings, providing valuable support to your case.

Compliance and Legal Framework

We prioritize adherence to the legal framework and ethical standards governing our industry. Our detective work strictly complies with the Privacy Code of Conduct for Private Investigation Agencies, ensuring the protection of individuals' privacy rights. Additionally, we operate in accordance with the latest legislation and regulations outlined in the Private Security Organizations and Investigation Agencies Act (WPBR).

Global Reach and Support

If fraudulent activities extend beyond national borders, BSC is equipped with a vast global network of professional private investigators. Each investigator within our network possesses specialized expertise and can provide targeted support in their respective field, enabling us to effectively resolve your problems, regardless of geographical boundaries.
For further information or to discuss your specific fraud investigation needs, please reach out to us during office hours at 071-5601640 or via email at

  • Covert Surveillance Services

    At BSC, we understand that uncovering objective truth in fraud investigations, such as absence fraud, sometimes necessitates the discreet observation of individuals and actions.
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  • Fraude Investigation Services

    At BSC, we specialize in conducting fraud investigations on behalf of our clients, collecting crucial evidence, and providing valuable information essential for the preparation of civil or criminal cases.
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  • Safeguarding Intellectual Property

    At BSC, we understand the significance of protecting intellectual property and combating the unauthorized use of copyrighted material and counterfeit goods.
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  • Pre/In-Employment Screening

    Employment screening is a thorough investigation that gathers information about the employment history of newly hired or existing employees. This process aims to assess their integrity, reliability, and other relevant factors crucial for building a trustworthy workforce.
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  • Mystery Guest Research (MGO)

    Mystery Guest Research, also known as Mystery Shopping Research, involves deploying trained researchers to gather valuable information and evidence.
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