About us

At BSC (Business Security Company), we specialize in providing high-quality specialized personal security and criminal investigation services to the business community. We also play an active role in supporting the government in high-risk areas. Our services include security risk management and corporate investigations, personal and transport security, as well as red teaming exercises.


Security is a priority area worldwide. It is very broad, from countries to the individual and everything in between. Sense of security is a purely psychological phenomenon that is intangible. What security is for one person may not necessarily be for another. Where some choose prevention, others only take action when something has happened. We have known since 1993 how to balance this matter, which is different for everyone. This often requires tailor-made solutions and intense trust between client and contractor.


BSC wants to be the Trusted Advisor of its clients and that goes far beyond just promising discretion. Our experience means we have a contextual overview of what is going on in society in relation to our area of focus. This provides us with predictive power and strategic insights that are not only ahead of our market, but also cost reducing for parties with a high-risk profile. Not selling fear, but reality and basing an effective tailor-made approach on it is our business. Naturally while preserving the Quality of Life of those involved.


Business Security Company B.V. (BSC) was founded in December 1993. In the preceding 11 years, the management gained extensive knowledge and experience at specialised divisions of the Dutch Police and at the Ministry of Defence. Staff employed by BSC come from the government, international companies and special units of defence and police. By bringing together these areas of expertise, BSC can meet specific client needs.

Our team

Consultants and investigators at BSC represent your interests through cooperation with and commitment to you as a client. As a result, objectives and (desired) results are achieved. The staff employed by BSC come from the government, international companies and special units of defence and police. They are experts in their field and have gained experience in high-risk areas all over the world and guarantee complete discretion under all circumstances. All BSC staff are true team players, friendly, customer-oriented, hospitable, well-trained, and speak at least the English language.


If necessary, BSC uses the services of other national and international specialist security companies and/or investigation specialists who have earned their spurs within the security and investigation world. This form of cooperation helps BSC to provide the client with maximum advice and support, which benefits the quality of the final product.


Over the past 30 years, BSC has accumulated a wealth of experience in supporting and advising national and international organizations and governments across our areas of expertise. Due to the confidential nature of our assignments, we do not disclose specific references. However, if you require further information about our experience, we invite you to contact our management for a personal meeting.